Little Note about Bread

One day i brought my bread as breakfast to the office. My friend asked : “You’ve made your bread yourself? Is it possible?”
To answer question like this, i have summarized a very good post. This is a simple yet truthfull facts about bread. The original post is here.

Bread is a magical food. Thanks to the wonder of Saccharomyces cerevisiae — also known as baker’s yeast — a dusty pile of flour and a splash of water can be transformed into the staff of life itself: a crunchy, chewy, nutritious versatile, and delicious loaf.
You don’t need any special equipment or expert baking skills, just a bit of patience and elbow grease.
Bread is a surprisingly forgiving food—it may be magical, but you don’t have to be a magician to make it. The cardinal sin is probably adding too much flour, which leads to a heavy, tough loaf. A good rule of thumb is one part water to three parts flour, though this will vary depending on the type of flour you use and even, to a lesser extent, on the weather.

A day that starts with toasted homemade bread is bound to be a good day indeed.




Type : main dish
Level of difficulty : easy
Mood : longing for weekend

My kids adore pasta. Yeah we’re Javanese alright, but they eat it like Italiano.
There are numerous pasta sauce recipe out there. I’ve tried them and done little modification based on my family’s liking. I wrote this because several friends keep asking bout my versions. But there’s still a lot of room to improve.
Pasta sauce can be freeze. But be sure to freeze them in small portion. This freezing method could save you big time during busy days..

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Wholewheat Yoghurt Loaf – Water Roux Method


Type : Bread
Level of difficulty : medium
Mood : excited

Michael Klausen from Braserrie Bread said : “I cannot imagine the world without bread”.
I think that statement is so true. My family loves bread, especially hubby. Sari Roti was our breakfast before i knew how to make bread. Now i love making bread eventhough my muscle is aching after kneading (hint to hubby, i want Mr. Bosch… *wink wink*).

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Ayam Panggang Klaten


Type : main dish
Level of difficulty : medium
Mood : miss Yogya very much

I was curious to try this recipe. Just because i’ve tasted this once in Yogya, way back in college life. Until now there are not so many places that provide Ayam Panggang Klaten, unlike bacem or gudeg. Don’t know why. Different from bacem, this dish is tasty due to coconut milk, with a little hint of sweetness.

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Hello blog…

This is my first post…
Still strugle to understand wordpress.
Blogwalking is my hobby. Hub keeps bugging, why not making ur own? The answer is, i’m not a high tech woman. I’m a typical manual-people. Since i haven’t found proper guideline, i hope i can keep my post simple, but REGULAR… (note to self).

So ok… Working mom for 2 todds. 9 to 5 thingy. No maid, just juggling with my partner in crime a.k.a hub. Sooo i only post on weekend, maybe weekday if time permits.

Why cooking and baking? Simply my passion. Office work? Just daily routine, my heart isn’t there… 🙂

Grammar, do not really care.

I hope this room can be my journal. For me to read, for my children also. So that they can know my thoughts, feelings & passions. Some kind of legacy…

To sum up… Let’s write!!! *pom pom mode on*