Wholewheat Yoghurt Loaf – Water Roux Method


Type : Bread
Level of difficulty : medium
Mood : excited

Michael Klausen from Braserrie Bread said : “I cannot imagine the world without bread”.
I think that statement is so true. My family loves bread, especially hubby. Sari Roti was our breakfast before i knew how to make bread. Now i love making bread eventhough my muscle is aching after kneading (hint to hubby, i want Mr. Bosch… *wink wink*).

I discover a blog that’s full with bread & chiffon cake recipe. My eyes stop at this recipe. More healthy i think. Thank u Kimmy

200 gm bread flour (i used 250 gm)
150 gm wholewheat flour ( i used 100 gm)
40 gm sugar
5 gm salt
6 gm instant yeast
100 gm water roux*
1 egg
110 milk (i used plain yoghurt)
40 gm butter
*Water Roux :
25 gm bread flour
125 ml water
Mix flour and water in a normal sauce pan stirring continuously until it reaches 65ºC (should thickened to a paste at this stage) and when you stir you can see the bottom of the pan.
Remove from heat, leave until lukewarm before using.

Knead all dough ingredients [except butter] to combine. Then continue kneading until dough is soft and smooth [about 7-10 minutes].
Add in butter and continue kneading until butter and dough has combined.  Knead for about 5-7 minutes until smooth elastic and dough is not sticky.
Form dough into a ball. Place in a bowl covered to rest for 45 minutes or double in size
[usually is less than 1 hour depending on temperature of the day].
Punch down rested dough.
Divide into 3 equal portions. Round up into a ball and rest for 15 minutes. Roll and fold into thirds then roll each portion into a rectangle. Roll up like swiss roll and seal the edges well. Place the loaves in greased Pullman’s tin.
Leave too proof until double in size [about 1 hour/ rise to 80% of the baking tin].
Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees C for 30 – 35 minutes.
Remove and cool on wire rack.

Eating a sandwich of this with cheese filling could make our tummy full but less guilt.

Thought i would also like to share bout my first born activity last Saturday. His school participate in Porseni Kota Bekasi. Among all competition, he himself chose to sing in little choir. Auditory child, no doubt. They sang beautifully. Ibu love u kiddo…

**updated : Mas Fatih n his friends won second place. Good job kids!


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