Lemon Bars


Type of dish : bars
Level of difficulty : easy
Mood : impatience

I had several lemons sitting in my fridge for quite some time. In order to make use of it, I quickly google lemon dish. The options shrunk into two dishes : lemon chiffon or lemon bars. Based on curiosity, I pick the second one.

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Happy Birthday My Dearest Little Sunshine…


Event : My Son’s Bday, Feb 4, 2013
Mood : happy (first cake decorating for him)
Bday Cake : Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Compote Mousse

This post I solely dedicated to my sunshine, Fatih Aliman Mutammim who turns 5 today.
Me and your father hope and pray all the best things for you son. Good health, anak soleh, be a loving kid to your family, respect your parents & responsible for your future.
May this year you succeded going to elementary school and improve your iqra.
Don’t stop shining, cause you shine a light to our life beautifully.
We’re love you always kiddo, remember that…

ps : bicycle & a trip to Planetarium… hmmm one at a time, I promise 🙂