Cola Chicken & Fried Sweet Potato Balls


Type of Dish : main dish
Level of difficulty : easy
Mood : longing for a day off

It’s been a while since the last time I post about main dish. There’s a guily feeling inside for my fams because I put too much attention on my cakes & pastry. So I keep searching for new practical recipes, that can be freeze off course.

Since the price of beef is crazily high (doesn’t make sense), than it’s poultry again. This dish is so easy, even for beginner. But the taste is delicious for sure, sweet and tasty, perfect for kids.
When I bought a can of cola, my husband is ready to explode – in terms of shock since I had GERD. So quickly I explain that it is for cooking purpose. The respond : a dish with cola in it? Weird…. Hmm wait until you taste it…. 😉

As usual, there were not be specific measurement when I’m making my main dish.

Cola Chicken

6 – 8 pcs of chicken wings, or any part of the bird
Shredded garlic
Sesame oil
Onion, slice thin
Ginger, slice thin
Sweet soy sauce
A can of cola

Marinate the chicken with shredded garlic, salt, pepper and sesame oil for 1 – 2 hours.
Sauted onion until transparant in color, add ginger. Put chicken in. Stir until opaque.
Add sweet soy sauce and 1/2 cup of  water. Wait until boiled. Pour cola in. Cook until the liquid decreased and thicken.
Serve directly or you can fried or grill them first, taste equally good.


Fried Sweet Potato Balls

Sweet potato, peeled, wash, boil & mash
Plain flour
Powdered sugar
Sesame seed

Mix mash sweet potato, flour and sugar. Form into balls. If it’s stick to your hand, cover with some flour. Roll sweet potato onto sesame seed. Deep fried till golden brown. Serve.

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