Cooking Class – Dapur Sehat Ibu


Event : Gathering & Cooking Class DSI
Venue : Rawalumbu (Mbak Mery’s)
Mood : happy

Encounter with cyber friends at DSI, at last. After missed the last two events, I finally made it this time. Had wanted to go since the announcement from Mbak Yunie came out in DSI wall.

O ya first of all let me introduce to you about this group. Dapur Sehat Ibu is a group consist of Indonesian Moms whose sharing their recipe, tips, and trick in pursuing their effort bringing healthy meal at the table for their loving families. DSI had several gathering and cooking classes. One of them was last Sunday event.

I’ve planned to bring the all time fav SOC as my part of the potluck. I also brought 5 pots of sweet basil plants because surprisingly it grown into large quantity of plants, such a large number I didn’t expect.


Lovely hubs is willing to take care Mas Fatih & Jihan, allowing me to take “me time” this day. They even drove and pick me up, love you all..

Arrived at Mbak Mery’s about 30 minutes prior, we quickly blend and chit chat is going all over the house. Soon been busy deep fried chicken strips from Mbak Samgar’s recipe who came with her hubs & her lovely son, Eriol.

14 of us whose finally gathered are : me, tutor no.1 Mbak Yuli all the way from Cimahi, Mbak Aini, Mbak Dwita, Mbak Lita, Mbak Atik, Mbak Iera, Mbak Any, Mbak Dessy, Mbak Mery the host, Mbak Bani, tutor no.2 Mbak Ani-Berthy, Mbak Samgar and Mbak Yunie the event organizer.

First session is introduction. Usual intro, name, activity, number of children and last but not least : a g e…. (important for mummies like us) 😉

Next one is cooking class by Mbak Yuli Fransisca. We all made (or should I say she) Pudding Black Forest. All the equipment have been prepared by her and the host. It’ s so simple, someday I will made it and post the recipe here since Mas Fatih eats it vigorously. Off course it’s chocolate ya…who will resist it? The amazing thing that I notice from Mbak Yuli is SPEED. Maybe you must owned it if you’re dealing with an order of 1000 snack boxes… *gosh* From her I learn a lot about multitasking, persistence and pricing a product.

We took a break to enjoy lunch and perform Shalat Dzuhur. We had Soto Ayam, Balado Kentang, the famous Jengkol (hihihi), crispy chicken strips, kerupuk and Es Buah.

Continue to second cooking class from Mbak Ani Berthy. We made Apam Polkadot which was already famous in Malaysia. Whip…whip…playing with piping bag and colors, so much fun. And the results, yummy and so colorful.

It was a blast. We shared a lot of things. Tips, recipe, cake, food and many more until the time reached 3 p.m. Before going home, we promise to held this event again on April. Until next time ladies…


**Photos courtesy of Mbak Atik Sholischah and Mbak Ani-Berthy Fajriani


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