Birthday Celebration ~ Fatih, Oma, Bunda Echie, Jihan


Event : Birthday Celebration
Venue : Mom’s
Mood : happy, satisfied…

First three months of the year in our family are the festive months. Starting from my birthday in January, follow by Mas Fatih, Mom, My Sister and Jihan. While ayah has his birthday on July. So we often celebrate those events on March.

Last year we went to Bandung to celebrate, so no cooking and baking for me. But this year I want to have lunch with family and close friends. Been planning for almost three months especially on the menu.

We invited 25 adults and 12 kids. Luckily most of them made it although rain fall just around noon. Mom helped me cooking most of the main dishes. The menus are:

Main Dish
Nasi Kuning
Ayam Goreng Lengkuas
Telur Balado
Mie Goreng
Ikan Bakar

Es Kelapa

Dessert Table
Macaron Lolly
Sicilian Orange Cupcake Tower

Goody Box
Cheese muffin
Chocolate Pudding with custard vla
UHT Milk





It was fun setting up the whole thing, especially dessert table. I will deffinetely do it again. The event was such a blast. Adults having good time, while kids busy munching on cupcakes until their lips and teeth covered by colored buttercream.

Ok down to the recipes :

Macaron Lolly : I already post it here. All you have to do is put the lolly stick when you sandwiched the shells with ganache.

Sicilian Orange Cupcake Tower : Also had post it here.

I decorated the cupcakes with buttercream and chocolate form into letters using Mercolade Lemon chocolate.
The buttercream recipe is from Mbak Besta Arlita of NCC :
500 gr good quality shortening
250 gr Holman soft cream
100 gr superfine sugar
1 can sweet condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
25 gr milk powder

Beat all ingredients except soft cream and milk powder until soft. Put the rest of ingredients, mix throughly. Ready to put coloring. It is firm enough for cupcake stored in room temp.

Tiramisu : you can grab the recipe here.

Cheese Muffin : find the recipe here.

Chocolate Pudding : I made base on the recipe here.

As for mom’s main dishes, I will not post the recipe here otherwise this post going to be a very long one. 🙂

Me and family cannot thank you enough for all the guests that spare their time to come. And also for all of friends for their prays and warm wishes. May Allah bless us all…


                     Bday Girl


                   Best friends

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