Blue Velvet Cake


Type of dish : cake
Level of difficulty : medium
Mood : smiling ear to ear…

Thought I would take some rest after series of baking and cooking for birthday event last week, but not actually. Mom requested a cake for her reunion, something cheesy with Pisces Day theme.

Googling, I than decided to bake Cheddar Cheese Cake. Already bought blueberry for blueberry compote topping. I thought about the decor, the only request was the writing “happy pisces day”. I stumble at an ombre cake decor, so lovely and simple blueish buttercream with big rose on top. Than I realized, why not blue velvey with cream cheese frosting. What a coinsidence I had a tube of cream cheese in the fridge. So the plan changed… me me me, so easy to make a twist and turn 🙂

In case you’re interested, you may read the recipe here. It’s in bahasa,  so pardon my laziness for no to translate here…

I had so much fun decorating this cake. I love the big rose, but hate the writing. Well what can I say, I love simplicity when it comes to decor, but customer requested it. Would love to do decor again. Order, anyone? hehehe

Have a good monday pipol… (talking 2 myself)


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