Cheesy Chocolate Pull Apart Bread ( Pâte Fermentée / Old Dough Method)


Type : bread
Level of difficulty : medium
Mood : passion in bread

I’m so into this magical food. Am trying other methods in creating my signature bread. No bragging, why I said it? Because trully I’m doing it based on my personal condition : time limitation. For those of you who has extra time, you may think this is not the suitable method for you. It’s all about taste & preference…

I decided to do a little reasearch on this method before I jump to sourdough. And boy I stunned, watching my mature dough do its magic.

If you’re interested on trying this recipe, I should warn you that the bread takes time. It’s not that you should stand there all the time beside your dough, but you should prepare the Pâte Fermentée few days ahead. I’m using my fav basic dough, but I ommit the egg, replace it with more liquid. If you still want to use it, go ahead. Personally, I’m not too confident to let raw egg sitting in my freezer for too long.

Pâte Fermentée

275 ml milk, lukewarm
55 gr sugar
1/3 tsp of instant yeast
50 gr butter, softened
250 gr high protein flour
185 gr all purpose flour

You could read how to form them into a beautiful dough here. Ferment the dough in the fridge for one night. Punch it. Take a small amout of dough (35% of total flour : 35% x 435 gr = 160gr). Wrap with plastic wrap tightly. Put in a small food container. Place it inside freezer until you’re ready to use it. As for the rest of the dough, bake it into nice loaf for breakfast or any kind of bread, your choice…

Several days ahead, your Pâte Fermentée is ready. Take it out of the freezer. Keep it inside container for about 4 hours in room temp. Unwrap it, covered, let it sit again for 2 hours until doubled in size.

Main Dough

275 ml milk, lukewarm
55 gr sugar
All of your Pâte Fermentée
50 gr butter, softened
250 gr high protein flour
185 gr all purpose flour

Cut the Pâte Fermentée into little chunks. Set aside.

Combine lukewarm milk with sugar and Pâte Fermentée in a clean bowl. Cover with cloth for 5 minutes.

Next is to add butter. Stir using wooden spoon until all butter melted. Add the the flour gradually. In this stage the dough becomes heavy. Keep stirring until the dough is pull away from the side of the bowl.
Cover your hands with extra flour. Knead the dough inside the bowl for 5 minutes. Add extra flour just to prevent it stick to your hands.
The dough is light and soft indeed.
Formed a big ball. Placed it in a greased bowl. Cover, and set aside for 3 hours in room temp.
Punch the dough, take another 160 gr of the dough. Store it for your next Pâte Fermentée. Bake the rest of the dough into a flavorfull bread. Mine are Cheesy & Chocolate Pull Apart Bread.

Keep the cycle on and on. The promise is you’ll get nicer bread the next time you bake, thanks to the slow fermentation. The bonus, you’ll always have the old dough in hand, waiting whenever you feel like eating a fresh homemade bread. Superb… 🙂

To be continued… for another new method.


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