Sharing is Caring – Cooking Class Dapur Sehat Ibu


Event : Gathering & Cooking Class
            Dapur Sehat Ibu
Venue : Mbak Eri’s, Depok

This event was actually held on April 28th. But my mood to write is vanished somewhere between all of the routines.

From previous gathering in Bekasi, the planning was to meet again at Mbak Dwita’s to learn how to made sausage. But somehow it changed, until one day one of the admin (Mbak Nur Bani) contacted me. She was asking whether I could share about bread making. Well off course how could I say no. But when she said it will took placed in Depok, I suddenly hmmm…. *thingking*

After certain negotiation with my hubs & kiddoes, I finally agreed. Mbak Eri wanted me to share Light & Soft Bread. So I tried to jot down a little bit knowledge about bread as a handheld for all of the member whose on the list to join the event.

One day before, my shining star got sick. I become more in doubt to come. Alhamdulillah she got better the next day. I also didn’t want to dissapoint my friends at DSI. I took Mas Fatih with me so that hubs could focus on our little one.

Thanks to Mbak Yuli, we could arrive at Depok early, too early we thought. I didn’t bring anything as my part of the potluck since time was not on my side, too busy taken care little Jihan. The only thing I manage to bring were 2-nights-fermented dough and some of the equipment needed. While Mbak Yuli brought variety of sweet stuffs, yumm….


a lot of food

My part was the first agenda since the fermentation took time. We started soon after introduction. So happy that all of the audiences interested in the process of the bread making and also my short explanation about the theory behind it.


bread making process

The second cooking class was how to make Bakso (meatballs) by mbak Rini. The looks, the taste were awesome, cannot tell the difference with the one sold in a Bakso food stall.

Third agenda was a quick demo how to make a beautiful pattern for Japanese Roll Cake decoration. The master herself, Mbak Yuli explain it for us. Unfortunately I was to busy with the oven, since it was the first time using this kind of oven.

The bread was rise & looked wonderful. Shaping the dough was the most fun part. Once the first batch came out of the oven, they were gone in 5 minutes. Hungry or what gals? 🙂

I’m also glad that after this event, some members tried the recipe at home and like it. So proud I could at least change the perception, bread making is indeed easy and fun…

The host also prepared wonderful lunch for us. Me thank you Mbak Eri… Last but not least, there was a surprise for the three of us : Mbak Rini, Me & Mbak Yuli. We all got beautifull souvenirs, DSI mugs and appron. So honored and happy, in addition that apparently I’ve looking for a cotton appron for quite some time.


great friends


DSI mug & beautiful appron

Thank you DSI for this lovely moment. Untill next time…

**photos courtesy of Yuli Fransisca & Dapure Lia Ummuaisy (DSI)


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