Chocolate Yogurt Pie


Type of dish : pie
Level of difficulty : super easy
Mood : just fine

Long time no see. I wanted to post about sourdough but hesitate after accidentely abandonned my starter until it got mouldy because vertigo had knocked me out. Hiks…

Enough said, I want to rest my oven this weekend. What a coincidence I stumbled to my fav blog and inspired by this post.

1 pack of chocolate wafers / crackers / oreo cookies
3 tbsp unsalted butter, cold, cut into cubes
225 ml whipcream
50 gr powdered sugar
125 gr thick plain yogurt
50 gr dark cooking chocolate, grated

Crushed your wafers / cookies, I used food processor. Add butter. Pulse until turned into fine crumb.
Placed crumb into pie pan. Pressed on the base until firmly attached. Put it inside freezer for 30 minutes.
Using electric mixer, beat whip cream until stiff. Add yogurt and sugar. This time I used non dairy whip cream, which is already tastes sweet. If you use dairy whip cream, add sugar until 100 gr.
Lastly, put in dark cooking chocolate. Mix until perfectly combine.
Pour filling into crumb. Refrigerate overnight, served cold.

Feel free to modify the taste by replacing chocolate with chunks of fresh fruit such as strawberry, blueberry, mango, kiwi, etc.

The taste is so refreshing, just like ice cream but more light. Highly recommended…


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