Sourdough Breads on Parade

This post contain no recipe. Just want to share how my late PJ and my present boy, Walter did their jobs wonderfully, to make loaf bread, pizza, sweet buns, etc.




All of this baking results were actually used old recipes, you could find them here and here. Just replace the instant yeast with 35% – 50% of starter compare to flour.

Just a little tips how to control the sourness of your sourdough bread:
1. Use less starter for more sour taste. The opposite, if you like a moderate taste, use at least 50% of starter compare to flour.
2. Prolong the fermentation process, in a room temperature if you like a significant sour tang. But if you prefer slightly sour taste, ferment your dough in room temperature in less than 12 hours total. You could also make it more than 12 hours but stored the dough in the fridge.

Next post is going to be some lessons from the bread book I recently purchase. Am so excited to read it and take several notes. Will update soon pipol… 🙂

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