First Gradder

Sorry, no recipe on this post. Just want to do a little documentation on my son’s precious moment.

My boy is a 1st gradder now, how times fly. Although he’s just 5,5 years, but insya Allah he’s ready according to his psychologist.

Nevertheless, he was feeling a little bit cold feet on the night before. Even refused to sleep. So I slowly motivated him that his school is going to be a fun one.

I was feeling quite sad cannot take a day off to accompany him through his first day, but mom & sis able to do that for me, I thank them for that. I also thank Athallah (just turning 3rd gradder) who had becoming a wonderful big brother in helping Mas Fatih adapting to the new environment.

So here are the pics. I pray to Allah that Mas Fatih could succed and enjoy his time at this school. Develop his character and also knowledge. May he’s able to discover his passion and living it, becoming sholeh, resposible and loving person, amiiin…







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