Beef Schnitzel with Gravy


Type of dish : main dish
Level of difficulty : easy
Mood : coughing away…

I was on a “beef mission” last weekend to boost iron intake for the kiddoes. This is recipe #1.

Thanks to my jenious online friend,  Andri who come up with this idea. Easy, crispy, perfect for kids. This time I didn’t mention the source because I combine the recipe from multiple places.

Schnitzel :
200 gr Tenderloin beef
Salt & pepper to taste
125 gr plain thick yogurt
100 gr all purpose flour
150 gr panko breadcrumb
50 gr grated parmesan
1 tsp dry italian herbs
2 tbsp salted butter
canola oil
Gravy :
1 tbsp all purpose flour
200 ml beef stock
1 tsp crushed black pepper

Sliced beef until you had thin pieces. Flatten them, I used my stone mortar. Seasoned with salt & pepper on each side.
Prepare breading station, consist of 3 parts :
1. Seasoned AP flour. You could use salt & pepper / seasoned salt / cajun / chilli powder, etc
2. Plain yogurt. I used yogurt as an egg replacement. If your fams are ok with egg, I suggest to use it since egg is the best “glue”. You could also use mayo, it’s delish.
3. Combination of panko, parmesan & italian herbs.
Start with covering beef with AP flour. Than dip them into yogurt. Quickly covered them with panko mixture. Do this untill all beef slices are coated. Place inside the fridge for half an hour.
Heat the pan with butter & oil. Fry beef for 3 minutes per side until beautifully browned. Drained them on kitchen towel.
Using the same pan with lovely grease in it, we’re going to make the gravy. Sprinkle AP flour. Stirred quickly for a minute or two. Pour beef stock. Cook until thicken. Seasoned with black pepper.

Serve Schnitzel with gravy and potato wedges or mash potato.

Pardon me I forgot to include gravy on the picture. Those were the last pieces of schnitzel available, the rest were already gone to our tummy… 🙂


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