Mini Mouthful Sweets


Introducing my upcoming future…
Yep, I’m starting already, one step at a time. This is the reason why I’m too lazy to update this blog recently.

Well, it all started like a flash of light. Looking at lines of macarons at a famous cakery, immediately I felt that this is the right time. Am doin’ so little in preparing for self employed.

Started by design name, stickers, boxes, menu and finally done my soft launching via fb. Off course, macs is on the top list. While bread had to wait.

Until today, alhamdulillah I already got some orders. Still limiting them off course due to my short time. I got several types of customer, still learning to understand them more.

Family… been so supportive, alhamdulillah. Hubs, mom & my co worker, lovely sis. Keep up your marketing style, bun… 🙂

Well I hope this tiny little steps is given barakah by Allah SWT. And hoping for great health too fo me & my family.

Mini Mouthful Sweets is ready to serve your sugar rush & savoury appetite…
Just contact me via fb, sms or mail me at





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