Macs & Mini Pavlovas

It’s been one hell of a week, a hectic one. Sadly, kiddoes and their father complained me about this. I had to work on my time management than, soon…

Actually, I had to settled many things this month. Child care, house chores, some financial matters, office work, orders to fulfill, packaging issues, and so on and so forth… *sigh*

Enough rambling… Yesterday I attend routine DSI cooking class & gathering. The menus are Ayam Kodok (Boneless Stuffed Chicken) and Fancy Cookies. Since my little one is whining all the time, I had to bring her. Results as predicted, I couldn’t put my hand on the cooking part, she tagged along wherever I go. 😦

But it was fun, chit chat, eat, watch those debonned process by Mbak Eri, which I possibly didn’t have the patience to do it. And the last session by Kak Suzan was decorating sugar cookies. Same enthusiast happened with adults and children. Colors everywhere…

It was so nice what mbak Primaningrum had provided us. Spacious house, lots of great food, especially those tasty Paru Goreng, yummm. Thank you mbak…

This macs belong to Mbak Prima for her lovely daughter Balqis and Mbak Eri. I made another batch for a friend of mine. For total, 3 dozens. I also made 2 dozens of mini pavlovas, some for a friend’s order and some for my share of potluck. Unfortunately the wheather is crucially hot, some of them melted in the afternoon at Mbak Prima’s. But that’s probably fine since when I prepared to go home, nothing left at the table. 🙂

In the end, thanks for ordering and a wonderful event, friends…
And for hub & kiddoes, just 3 dozen macs and 2 dozen pavlova, please be patience with me… Promise I’ll take a break at the end of this month, luv u…






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