Busy… busy…

First of all let me declared that there is no recipe in this post. After facing Monday’s traffic, the mood to write is vanished somewhere.

Don’t you all curious what’s up with people in Monday? Do they go to work early? Passionate since it is the first day of the week? While me, I go to work the same time and same route every single day.

Well, I had a busy weekend. Three days of baking nonstop to fulfill an order from mom’s friend. And sadly, my mojo in macarons baking is somehow lost. The results are inconsistent. I still trying to figure out the causes. Is it the almond? sugar? baking sheet? oven heat? or simply humidity? The last one is deffinetely not, it was hot and dry last weekend.

I also haven’t find the exact way to manage my time. Hubs and children are whining. They insist I take a day off this weekend. They said no orders, period. Hahaha…
I already promise an Apple Pie for a friend. Let’s see…

For sum up, these are some Mini Mouthful Sweets for Ibu Lina :

1.  Death by Chocolate Cupcake with Salted Choco Buttercream. The chocolate flavor is so intense. I used real butter (100%) for the buttercream. So glad I found the recipe that suited in a room temperature. For balance the sweetness, I add a pinch of Fleur de Sel. Will post the recipe next time.


2.  Choco Fudge Cake with Mocca Mousse. All time fav.

3.  Strawberry Macs.

So glad Bu Lina’s children like them. Thank you bu…

Untill next time peeps… Have a productive week.



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