Classic Apple Pie and Original Lapis Legit


Type of dish : cake
Level of difficulty : medium
Mood : so so…

Home baker’s world is so colorful. Especially part timer like me. Sleepy and exhausted in Monday, but happy and satisfied seeing that my products turned out beautiful, customers are pleased alhamdulillah. And when wednesday approaching, I already missed baking…

Ok, this week’s orders are Classic Apple Pie and Original Lapis Legit. I will not put the Apple Pie recipe here. You could grab the recipe at Joy of Baking. I follow the recipe from a to z. Drop the idea to used Maggie Beer’s recipe for Pie Crust since she used sour cream. It will boost the price for sure, didn’t think it will suit my market.

Pie Crust using full butter is indeed a challenge in our hot weather. I still find it difficult to handle althouh I’m working in an air con room. So I turned to baking paper for help. Problem solved…


As for Original Lapis Legit, I used my previous Prune Layer Cake recipe, minus the prune off course.


I like the new packaging, bought it from online store. Perfect for gift and celebrations. As Eidl Adha approaching, orders are coming, alhamdulillah. Well people, you know how to reach me if you want to give this to your love one, relatives, or simply yourself craving for moist  Lapis Legit.

I’m taking an off for next week since Mas Fatih has an exam for a full week at school. Sadly I had to postponed the orders for Depok area, deeply sorry my friends… I had to concentrate in assisting him to study. But I’ll still update this blog insya Allah. I had to make something from 15 egg whites that sitting in the fridge. Thinking of practising macs using new technique which I read recently, and also an angel food cake perhaps.

Until next week… ta ta 🙂


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