Angel Food Cake and A Heartbreaking Moment…


Type of dish : cake
Level of difficulty : easy
Mood : sad

Let me take a deep breath first… What a week! Emotional, need neverending patience, tired, but full of love at the same time.

It all started right after swimming trip last weekend. We all had fun, including Little Miss. But the day after, she had runny nose. I just thought it was just common cold. When night approaching, she already coughing away.

Monday morning when I woke up, immediately went out of bed and prepared breakfast, just when hubs told me that Little Miss is warm, 37,6 C. But she was still active, eat like normal except the cough got worst. Reluctantly we drove her to daycare. Bring along her paracetamol in case the fever gets high.

On Tuesday and Wednesday she started to get cranky. Carer said she eat less, refused to play, just lied down or asking for her carer to hold her. At night, still struggle inside commuter line, hubs called, fever went up. Ya Allah…

Well I said this is my limit to so-called home treatment. Discussed about it also online with a few friends. Something inside of me said that this is not typical common cold. There is no way I could wait until five days, or more like two weeks?? I will gone mad for sure… Immediately set an appointment with pediatrician. Unfortunately her pediatrician only had a schedule on Friday, so I had to visit another doctor.

Went to Hermina first thing in the morning with mom, Little Miss already refused to eat, couldn’t sleep, reluctantly opened her eyes. She suffered diarrhea and vomitted also. Pediatrician said she had to undergo blood test since it was already on day three for her fever. The result was relieving. No signs of dengue fever and typhoid. Pediatrician gave paracetamol and medicine to dilute her phlegm. He also gave us warning if the fever had not subsided on Saturday, she had to undergo the blood check again…

At home, I’m trying to gave her as much fluid as possible. It was a heartbreaking moment whenever we must forced her to take the medicine. She mostly vomitted afterwards. Than, just before I bathe her at noon, I started to realized the red blisters on her skin. Hey… what is this? Not long after, the blisters are already spread everywhere… I need to go back to the hospital, this time to see her usual pediatrician.

Finally when Dr. Wirastari said this is not common cold, not morbilli, not roseolla, and asked whether Little Miss already given MMR shot, I already know the answer. I had it once when Mas Fatih was just 7 months old. I was hospitalized back than. Dr. Wirastari make some strong points which I must do if I want Little Miss to be taken care at home :
1. bed rest
2. avoid light
3. fluid…fluid…fluid… 1,5lt/day
4. bathe regularly
5. observed for dehidration & pneumonia

Dr. Wirastari only add probiotic for improving Little Miss’ digestive system. The rest depends on her immune system. Went home with a sense of relieve. Gladly I trust my motherhood instinct. If it’s only common cold, Little Miss wouldn’t be like this. The fever still went up and down until Saturday night. On Sunday, it finally subsided. Blisters faded gradually. She started eating small amount of food. Communicate better. Play in bed. Alhamdulillah…

Well what I had done during this stress period? Yes I bake… Strange but it surely worked for me. Finished my 15 egg whites, turned them into Screwpine Chocolate Angel Food Cake & Cupcake. Since Little Miss asked for a frosting, I topped them with Chocolate Cream. Pipe the cream while holding Little Miss with a carrier. Just to let her watch the process. And when she smile, my heart warmed… She ate half of the cupcake, couldn’t be more happy.

So sorry I would not posted the recipe. Personally, I’m not too fond of this cake. But with 15 egg whites in hand and didn’t had the time to make macs, what to do?

From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone for sharing their thoughts, given prays and warm wishes for me and Little Miss. May she recover soon. Missed her smile, talks and appetite…


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