Sourdough Breads on Parade

This post contain no recipe. Just want to share how my late PJ and my present boy, Walter did their jobs wonderfully, to make loaf bread, pizza, sweet buns, etc.
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Sourdough Starter

Theory In a Glance

Sourdough is one of the oldest natural yeast in the world, long before manufactured yeast era. The idea is to nurture wild yeast at your own house, by fermenting a mixture of flour and liquid.

The next question is, where does the yeast come from? This nurtured yeast has different genus from the manufactured one. The yeast is naturally present on the wheat plant. This explained the need to use whole flour in the first 3 days of nurturing sourdough starter. Whole flour undergo less manufacturing process in the mill. But off course, there were also some people whose suceeded using white flour and yogurt. In the process, we are also trapped small amount of wild yeast in the air. That’s why every starter is unique, they’ll taste and smell different, depends on the ingredients and environment. The most famous sourdough starter in the world comes from San Fransisco, US.

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Cheesy Chocolate Pull Apart Bread ( Pâte Fermentée / Old Dough Method)


Type : bread
Level of difficulty : medium
Mood : passion in bread

I’m so into this magical food. Am trying other methods in creating my signature bread. No bragging, why I said it? Because trully I’m doing it based on my personal condition : time limitation. For those of you who has extra time, you may think this is not the suitable method for you. It’s all about taste & preference…

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