Angel Food Cake and A Heartbreaking Moment…


Type of dish : cake
Level of difficulty : easy
Mood : sad

Let me take a deep breath first… What a week! Emotional, need neverending patience, tired, but full of love at the same time.

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Sharing is Caring – Cooking Class Dapur Sehat Ibu


Event : Gathering & Cooking Class
            Dapur Sehat Ibu
Venue : Mbak Eri’s, Depok

This event was actually held on April 28th. But my mood to write is vanished somewhere between all of the routines.

From previous gathering in Bekasi, the planning was to meet again at Mbak Dwita’s to learn how to made sausage. But somehow it changed, until one day one of the admin (Mbak Nur Bani) contacted me. She was asking whether I could share about bread making. Well off course how could I say no. But when she said it will took placed in Depok, I suddenly hmmm…. *thingking*

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Happy Birthday My Dearest Little Sunshine…


Event : My Son’s Bday, Feb 4, 2013
Mood : happy (first cake decorating for him)
Bday Cake : Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Compote Mousse

This post I solely dedicated to my sunshine, Fatih Aliman Mutammim who turns 5 today.
Me and your father hope and pray all the best things for you son. Good health, anak soleh, be a loving kid to your family, respect your parents & responsible for your future.
May this year you succeded going to elementary school and improve your iqra.
Don’t stop shining, cause you shine a light to our life beautifully.
We’re love you always kiddo, remember that…

ps : bicycle & a trip to Planetarium… hmmm one at a time, I promise 🙂